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You can’t disagree with Governor Jim Justice’s point that “the bottom line is that we don’t need people in West Virginia going hungry.”

And it’s heartening to know that the governor is trying to add funds to his budget for two of the state’s larger food banks: Hunger Foodbank in Huntington and Mountaineer Food Bank in Gassaway. Each will receive an additional $500,000 from the state to continue work in support of other organizations. The two work with hundreds of other agencies across the state. Of course, some of the money these groups receive is for groceries, but some of it is used to buy items like freezers or improve the distribution process.

And there’s a lot to share. Last year, the two food banks distributed approximately £30 million of food.

The need keeps growing. Remember. Thirty million pounds of food (and those who need the help of food banks often also need toiletries and other necessities, clothes, shoes…) needed by struggling individuals and families.

If you don’t know what it feels like to be hungry or don’t have enough clothes in your closet, consider yourself lucky. And think about what you could do to help these people too. Yes, the state government is doing what it can – and certainly lawmakers could work harder to achieve the economic diversification and growth our state so desperately needs – but we can also do our part.

The next time you go shopping, consider adding perishable items to your cart to drop off at the local food bank on the way home. Consider whether the items in your cluttered closets could do someone else a greater good. Consider what you can do to help those in need.

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