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    West Virginians! Do You Realize your Constitutional Rights Have been violated? The Rights to Equalization have been taken away for years. Did You Notice? This year, we and many other Citizens have, and it has became part of the talk concerning politics. It isn't just West Virginia, but every State who did not get to consider a Candidate before a chosen few eliminated those, also repressing our Freedom of Speech. In that case, we can and should hold those States who wanted to be first to eliminate Candidates, for the problems that may be flailing us now in economy and world affairs. 
         We want to reiterate what we are hearing from all the people around us. The Different States and Times for Caucuses, Polls, and Primaries is not setting well with the masses. Frankly, I didn't see great Fracas until this year. For National Campaigns in this century the cost is so great, the Primary(s) should be like General Elections, ON THE SAME DAY! It really makes no sense for A State to eliminate all the Candidates before my State has its Primary 4 Months after the Candidates have been eliminated. It is allowing Another State, A another group of people, to take away my Rights to Vote. It also suppresses Free Speech. We Seek, Demand that United States Congress Restore our Constitutional Rights of Equality. We Need an Ordered Same Day Primary, that allows Candidates to stomp where they can hope to win, without persuasion by other States, or The Elimination of Candidates before I vote. By Failing my Constitutionality of Equal Rights, The Supreme Court should intervene and stop the repression of Our Rights.


          This is Social Security Hot News. If You haven't read the news articles, or seen the Notice in your annual Social Security Account Statement, then Pay Attention! 
    Over past 10 years, little cuts have been made to Social Security, changes in credits and form of points for Retirement. Now It is requested to save funds, that those persons who have paid into Social Security and have other Retirement Accounts, shall not receive both retirements,  or anything greater than $3200. total monthly, Combined. So if you have $3000. from your retirement plan at General Motors after 40 years, you'll only get $200. from SSA, Not the $2400. you expected from SSA. This Must Stop! 
     All the persons whom haven't received credits for years of income by having never worked, need to be paid from a Social Care Fund Created by the Federal Government. Sorry to say that the SSI Fund can no longer support kids from 0-25 if they stay in school, or newborn - rest of the life for birth defects. 
    Especially when the fund only pays $255. for a death benefit, but has paid $200,000. for the lifetime of a childhood SSI or Lifetime if the person can't be self supporting. 
    The Fund needs Balance, and the Social Service Payments of all the persons never paying into SSI should not be paid from the SSA fund. 
    We still agree that if a parent is disabled, then % can be paid for each child that person has, but limits to family size of four after Disability. (means a Disabled person isn't going to increase amounts, by having more children being Disabled of greater than four.) All of these other persons have no greater claim to a fund they never paid into, than the persons whom do contribute, where Contributors will be the ones to suffer. 
    This is Especially necessary, thus putting limits on illegals, and immigrants who come to this Country, and yes, they Get SSI all the time! 

          West Virginia has really screwed up the Workers Comp System. If workers change Employers, after working several years for someone else in the New System, THIS puts their new employer at risk. 
 The New Employer may possibly be required to assume the care of a worker who might develope Black Lung, or Asbestosis or have other occupational injuries such as hearing or sight loss later. Why would any company want to come to WV under that condition? Much less hire workers here or anywhere under such a pretense. If The system was to correct the condition, the employee should be insured, and carry the insurance with the worker, not the company, so the account follows the employee, not lost if he/she leaves, or is forced to leave. This way the worker is always insured and the Employer pays the premium while the Employee is at the Employers Business.

      Earlier 2008, in WV at the Cross Lanes west Bound Exit, on I-64, A Young Kentucky Woman pulled off I-64 into the emergency lane, because she was answering her cell phone. In the Quick Right to get off the Interstate She Hit Two People, Killing a Couple who were leaving their failed vehicle, after running out of fuel/gas. We don't quite follow that answering a cell phone is an EMERGENCY! NO Charges were filed, The Kentucky lady wasn't charged She must have been a Cute Young Woman. The Officers said they found no fault in her pulling into the emergency Lane for Answering her Phone, it was just misfortune that was where the couple were walking after their car ran out of gas.       That is why we also support:    LawRight

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