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SHEPHERDSTOWN — West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore served as the guest speaker for the Jefferson County Development Authority event honoring manufacturing companies Wednesday night.

Dennis Jarvis, director of the JCDA, spoke about the benefits of local manufacturing and shared that there are probably 100 different manufacturers in Jefferson County.

“Manufacturing is a wonderful initiative for our county,” Jarvis said, explaining that manufacturing companies in Jefferson County include everything from food and beverage, metal fabrication, mill design, distilleries and wood processing, as well as larger manufacturers like Dalb and Rockwool.

Jarvis spoke briefly about how when he decided to take the job at JCDA, he was told that manufacturing jobs here would not be successful.

“That was a challenge. Don’t tell me I can’t win,” he said, sharing that the JCDA has completed 11 business transactions over the past 16 months, many of them small companies but manufacturers nonetheless.

Jarvis welcomed several of the county’s manufacturing companies to the recognition gathering, which was held at Rock Spring Farm in Shepherdstown. Several of these business owners brought samples of their products to display for those in attendance.

The evening focused on comments from Moore, who spoke about a new program his office is developing called the Jumpstart Saving Program. The state program, similar to the Federal 529 College Savings Plan, is designed to help West Virginians save money to meet the costs of pursuing careers in trades and jobs.

Moore shared that he started out as a welder.

“I’d be making money today if I’d stayed at it,” he laughed, sharing that he’d thought about starting a mobile welding business to travel to different job sites.

The plan was prohibitively expensive at the time, he said, which helped develop the thought process for a savings plan for those in the trading professions.

“This is a way to encourage people to pursue careers and careers. We must strengthen our middle class in West Virginia if we are to continue growing,” he added, emphasizing that providing this savings opportunity has many benefits to encourage working professionals to plan for their future.

Graduates from a community college, college, apprenticeship program, or ACE Career Center may use Jumpstart funds to offset qualifying expenses related to their career choice, including tools, supplies, equipment, licensing and certification fees, and business formation costs.

Among the benefits of the program are that those who open accounts may claim certain state tax benefits on account contributions and distributions from the qualifying expenses account.

Employers may qualify for a non-refundable tax credit of up to $5,000 per year per employee for direct contributions to Jumpstart savings accounts for which their employee is named as a named beneficiary.

Those who wish to enroll in the Jumpstart program can also receive a $100 deposit from the State Treasurer as an incentive to open an account. To open an account one needs to deposit at least $25. Eligible to receive the additional $100 are those under the age of 18 who are state residents or who have enrolled in a qualifying teaching or training program within 180 days of opening the Jumpstart Savings Account.

Additional benefits of the program are detailed on a dedicated website –

“It’s my dream of all dreams to see this at the federal level,” Moore told those gathered Wednesday night.

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