Court News 10/31/22 – West Virginia Daily News – NEWSWV


John Michael James Moody to Sarah Marie Hoke

Eric Andrew Hicks to Taylor Marie Davies

Christopher Robyin Delany to Sarah Elizabeth Davis

David Wayne McCoy to Melissa Renee Dunbar

Dennis Joe Patterson to Nancy J. Bourrillion

David William Kidd to Alisha Leeman Krafft

Michael Shane Fisher to Alexandra Leeann Hughes

Phillip Michael Windon to Lauren Michelle Kenney

Fiduciary Notices

Sandra L. Stevens Appointed Administrator of Nicholas Wyatt VanBuren’s Estate

Crystal Bennett is appointed administrator of Rose Marie Aleshire’s estate

William R. Grimmett Jr. was appointed executor of Marylee Frances Grimmett’s estate

Janet Martin has been appointed executor of the estate of Florence Elizabeth Scudder

land transfers

Ronald L. Hinkle and Debra L. Hinkle to James Tharp and Amanda Tharp, lots 76 and 77, Meadow Bluff District

David A. South and Terry L. South to Ethan Thomas Boone, 5.1775 Acres, Irish Corner District

Richard Rafes and Tommye Rafes to Leah Whitten and Satya Shepherd, 0.813 Acre, Irish Corner District

Deanna Jenkins to Patrick W. Cadle, 3.09 acres, Blue Sulfur District

Judith Millicent Clausen to Judith M. Clausen as Trustee of the Judith M. Clausen 2012 Revocable Living Trust (as amended and restated July 29, 2016, 100 Acres, Williamsburg District

G. Russell Rollyson Jr., Deputy Commissioner of Delinquent Nonentered Lands of Greenbrier County, WV, to WV State Tax Cert Purchased 2021 LLC, 0.12 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

G. Russell Rollyson Jr., Deputy Commissioner of Delinquent Nonentered Lands of Greenbrier County, WV, to WV State Tax Cert Purchased 2021 LLC, lot 138 Riverview Addition, Alderson Corporation

Steven Wayne Hudnall and Lisa Kim Hudnall to Malachi James McCutcheon and Abby Renee McCutcheon, 6.72 Acres, White Sulfur District

Steve D. Burnett and Sandy R. Burnett to David L. Lemons, 4 tracts, Fort Spring District

Rebecca Willis and John Willis to Darrell H. Cole, 2 tracts, Rupert Corporation

William B. Bell and Lesa M. Bell to Said Raghep, 3 tracts, Rainelle Corporation

David R. Butler, Rondi Butler et al., to Gregory S. Butler, 0.639 acre, Meadow Bluff District

Greenbrier Legacy Cottage Development Company II, a West Virginia corporation, to Premlor LLC, a Pennsylvania limited liability company, Unit G, Hemlock Cottages, White Sulfur District

Arnold Lee Withrow to Stephen Berry and Carolyn Berry, 2.06 acres, 1.04 acres, lot no. 70, Meadow Bluff District

Larry A. Bias and Lee A. Bias to Stephen Acerbi, 32,445 square feet, Anthony Creek District

Emma J. Baldwin to Cara A. Baldwin, 2,381 acres, Williamsburg County

Greenbrier Legacy Cottage Development Company I Inc. to Mitri Ghareeb, Heather Ghareeb et al., Unit 1 Rhododendron, White Sulfur District

Sharon C. Varney to James E. Varney, ½ acre and 1 acre, Frankford District

Samuel L. Christian and Linda B. Christian to John P. Casey and Romayne Rajapakse Casey, 2 Acres, Frankford District

Samuel Ray Johnson to Lisa F. MacDowell, 1.9 Acres, Williamsburg County

William B. Zopp and Melanie A. Zopp to Bitter End Property LLC, a West Virginia limited liability company, Lots 13A, 5A and 16A, Lewisburg Corporation

James T. Carter Jr. and Debra J. Carter to Edward Blaine Phillips II, 2 lots, Blue Sulfur District

Elizabeth S. Goertz to Richard D. Rehak, 2 tracts, Lewisburg Corporation

Helen Regina Webster and Joette Judy to James G. Jeffries, 0.311 Acre, White Sulfur Corporation

Christopher Bennett and Heather Ann Bennett to Marjorie Jane Wright Revocable Trust, 16.69 Acres, Irish Corner District

B Plus Properties, a West Virginia limited liability company, to Kathy E. Means, 0.283 Acre, Alderson Corporation

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